Interested in Iowa BIG?

Sign up for our upcoming student visit day on November 17th from 1-3! We are inviting all interested students to come to our Newbo location to meet the staff, see the space and talk with current students. Click the button below to sign up!

Izzie Wilcox

“17 doesn’t mean that I can’t make a difference and actually do things. I’ve had connections in the community, but it’s never been like this. I feel almost like an equal to them.”

How Do I Contact the BIG Staff?

We see ourselves as partners and supporters with you in the education of your son/daughter into a healthy, confident, and “future-ready” adult. As a result, we want and need to hear from you and connect anytime you want to work with us in that endeavor.

In general, please feel free to contact Iowa BIG staff with any questions, issues, or ideas you may have. The best place to start is with one of the staff. Typically this is the first place to start related to items like: your student’s academic/attendance/behavioral standing; issues/concerns with other students; to provide insight or information to help us do the best job we can for your child, etc.

If you have other issues, please use the following guide to make the appropriate contact:

Transportation issues, scheduling concerns, or concerns about a partner interaction:
A concern with a staff member: