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#MeetAPartnerMonday – Meet Lorri Reece (LimoLink)

Meet Lorri Reece - IT Operations Manager at LimoLink.  LimoLink is a high end chauffer service based in Marion that serves people all around the world.  Lorri and her team partnered with students at BIG to find trends and projections in customer data through machine...

#ProjectSpotlight: This is Hydroponics.

“Hydroponics is essentially water farming. It’s a way of growing pretty much anything without soil, instead using water as your medium. The container is pretty educational in its purpose. Hydroponics is a fairly new agricultural development, so there’s a lot of knowledge to be gained from purely experimenting with the system. I’m not for sure exactly what I want to do after high school, but because of this project I’m definitely exploring horticulture. I want to do something that uses plants to do something to benefit our community, and I think urban agriculture is the gateway to get there.”

ProjectSpotlight: This is SAFEli

SAFEli is a team at Iowa BIG that has been working with Dr. Trent Grundmeyer for the past three years. The project was inspired by Trent’s nephew, Eli, who passed away in a backyard pool drowning accident. The team has developed a pool alarm system nothing like what...

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