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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Iowa BIG?

Iowa BIG is a high school program for sophomore, junior, and senior students within the Cedar Rapids, Linn-Mar, and College Community School Districts.

BIG is designed to help you lead your own learning journey and discover your gifts, talents, and interests.

BIG is a place where you get to learn through things and work you care about.

BIG is a place to learn not only the “stuff” in courses but how to get along in the world and build the skills to make you “present-and-future-ready.”

i am iowabig.

Video by Kyle Duane Kazimour at Ambivalence Studios

But why?

BIG is about real-world application.  Can you see and practice the “stuff” you’re supposed to learn in a class as it lives in actual practice?  BIG teaches the course standards as well as essential 21st century skills. Learners drive the learning, not the curriculum.  You own and control your learning.

Can I still take courses and participate in
co-curricular activities at my current high school?

Absolutely! We want you to experience all the great traditions and activities happening at your high school. BIG is a program of each high school involved so you remain a full member of your home school, often referred to as the “mothership” by BIG students.

How does grading work?

You receive grades just like any other high school. You are graded on your ability to demonstrate each of the essential standards of a course. The courses and grades appear on your transcript just like any other course at your high school. 


What courses are being offered?

Below are the course lists by district for students enrolling in the program.

RISE  //  welcome to iowa big.

RISE isn’t an explanation video about BIG itself and how it works. RISE is about the mindset, energy, passion, and drive of Iowa BIG.  RISE hopes to ignite the youthful, creative drive within you.

Video created by Kyle Duane Kazimour, Iowa BIG Media Intern (2018)


Talk to your counselor and let them know you want BIG on your schedule.