School Counselors

Resources + Information

How do I contact the BIG Staff?

To streamline communication between BIG and the five high schools BIG serves, we have assigned a Strategic Partner Developer to each of the high schools.  They will serve as the point of contact during registration time, dealing with transportation issues, and more.

If you are a counselor at Kennedy High School, Linn-Mar High School, or Jefferson High School, contact Amanda Zhorne (

If you are a counselor at Prairie High School, or Washington High School, contact Laura Seyfer (

There is also a directory of staff members at both BIG tables including educators, interns, leadership coaches, and our executive director.

How do I stay in the loop on what’s happening at BIG?

We utilize Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and our website to share news and information about what students are doing at BIG. Please follow us on all social media platorms

Additional Resources

The Parent Compact lays out the expectations for students and parents. Additionally, students and staff sign a Memorandum of Understanding each year.  In a nutshell, students are expected to attend regularly, communicate constantly, engage fully, and find projects that inspire and motivate them.

What courses are being offered?

Attached is the current list of courses available to students attending BIG during the 2019/2020 school year.  These often change or are adjusted each year.

What does the BIG Calendar look like?

BIG is a shared program between Cedar Rapids, College, Linn Mar, and Alburnett Community schools. As a result, we must work to meld 3 district  calendars together as best we can. Our Blairsferry road location is a melding of the Cedar Rapids, Alburnett, and Linn Mar calendars and the NewBo location is a melding of Cedar Rapids and College Community.