Meet Bernard Dutchik  –  Vice President of Corporate Development at ImOn Communications.  This year, he has been working with students to create a plan to connect low income families with free wifi, even if they can’t afford it.

“Company wide, ImOn values creating a positive impact in every community we serve in Eastern Iowa. Iowa BIG does this as well, impact the community. We had an idea for a project that would provide free wifi for families who are unable to afford it. As a company, this project wasn’t mission critical, and wasn’t moving forward. We thought bringing in actual students’ perspectives would benefit us and add a spin onto our project. They helped us figure out what those families need and what would be best for the students. Their input and ideas were extremely valuable and real to us. They learned professional communication skills like how to write emails; skills business professionals practice everyday, but aren’t taught in schools. The corporate world is filled with projects, and we can give students from BIG insight on what they can expect, how to gather information, and then plan a course of action rather than coming into a classroom and being told what you need to learn. Iowa BIG is preparing our future workforce for the real business world while they’re still in high school, and that’s a positive impact on the community.”

You can connect to the community, just like Bernard.  Email our strategic partner development team to learn how you can create impact through working with Iowa BIG.  Email Amanda Zhorne – – or Laura Seyfer –