Tom Hicks is the Dean of Students at Coe College, and has worked with the Consent team, who executed a series of events and activities centered around consent and sexual assault awareness. The team organized consent week at Linn Mar and spoke to Linn-Mar’s school board about implementing consent education.

“I’m the dean of students at Coe College. I had heard about Iowa BIG before, but didn’t fully understand what they did. I had the opportunity to visit BIG, and I became fascinated by it. My project was all about teaching students about sexual consent. Many of the students recognized this is something extremely real, and recognized an opportunity to address a serious issue that isn’t talked about talk about enough, especially in the high school setting. We’ve seen that college students are coming in without any consent education, which is very preventable. The first big step was meeting with the Linn-Mar school board to propose adding more consent education into the school policy. Consent education is one of the easiest ways to prevent sexual assault. The sooner we start talking about it and start educating kids in school about consent, the better prepared they will be before entering the college setting. Learning is so much more enjoyable when you’re passionate about the content, and that’s exactly what Iowa BIG does. BIG has made being a partner so easy and so fun, and I’d love to keep working with BIG in the future.”

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