Paul + Kayla Phelan have been working with teams at Iowa BIG to create Pledge4Kids – a series of fundraising events to supports children in need in our area. Pledge4Kids is a complete rebranding and reimagination of Corridor Goes Casual for Kids.

“BIG is a great outlet for us to expose our business to students and for students to expose their talents to us. It’s a reflection of what has come, and a preview of things to still come. Students have been able to add value to our projects that might not be a top priority. But, by sitting back and watching as we let them run with it is so rewarding. I think it’s the real world experiences kids need to feel like they’re a part of the community. When working with BIG, it’s easy for us to start to see how we’re going to work with the next generation and watch them grow in the process. You get to watch them go through struggles, you get to share their successes and how proud they are, you get to see them open up endless opportunities. That’s why we partner with BIG; to be an active and engaged part of the community and help grow the next generation.”

– Paul and Kayla Phelan, Pledge4Kids



You can connect to the community, just like Paul + Kayla.  Email our strategic partner development team to learn how you can create impact through working with Iowa BIG.  Email Amanda Zhorne – – or Laura Seyfer –