Meet Lorri Reece – IT Operations Manager at LimoLink.  LimoLink is a high end chauffer service based in Marion that serves people all around the world.  Lorri and her team partnered with students at BIG to find trends and projections in customer data through machine learning and AI.

“We first heard about Iowa BIG through another BIG partner, MEDCO, and their Community Promise program.*” We were very impressed to hear that we had an innovative school that was creating real community impact right here in Cedar Rapids. As a company, LimoLink has been looking for new ways to get involved with the community. Iowa BIG was our perfect opportunity to accomplish our projects and reach the community in the process. LimoLink has data collected since the beginning of our company, but we don’t have the resources to sort through all that information. However, that data is extremely valuable in creating predictions. The students have been working with the data and gathering information about the company’s past to create predictions and find potential indicators. Overall, we’ve all had very positive interactions with the students. Even if we don’t benefit from the data, we hope that the experience has benefitted the students by giving them real world practice with machine learning and pattern recognition. It has truly been a great experience for us, and we definitely can’t wait to see what the future brings for our partnership with Iowa BIG.”

You can connect to the community, just like Lorri.  Email our strategic partner development team to learn how you can create impact through working with Iowa BIG.  Email Amanda Zhorne – – or Laura Seyfer –