Meet Anyssa Ball.  Anyssa is in her third year at BIG, and comes from Kennedy High School.  Through out her time at BIG, Anyssa has worked on a wide array of projects.  She’s worked on a crowd sourced art magazine, an app to help connect people during disasters, a free local seed library within libraries in our community, and more.  Anyssa led a team that worked with Coe College last year, and she relfects upon that experience.

“It’s hard for me to identify my proudest moment at BIG because I’ve been able to do so much here. One of my projects last year, we partnered with Coe College and designed a composting system to be implemented all across their campus. Presenting to the college at the end of the project was fulfilling. They were so impressed with our designs, nearly forgetting that it was created by students. It truly felt like they were interested in what we were sharing with them. Composting is something I truly care about. The fact that adults care about and listen to what I have to say, and the work my group had been working on all year made me proud of not only myself but my entire group as well. A lot of people my age don’t have outlets for the things they care about. There are clubs, and you can do stuff on your own. But BIG is a place where I can learn about what I’m interested in and then use it with in our community.”