Meet Emily Brunscheen. Emily is a Prairie junior in her second year at BIG.  She was very fortunate to join BIG as a sophomore and learn so much at such a young age.  She was asked to reflect upon the year prior and talk about two different projects with very different outcomes.

“I’ve been able to accomplish a lot at BIG. Last year, I was a part of a very successful project ECKLEY Line. We had an end goal that was met, and as a team we made a difference. With the project, we were able to help people come out of their shell and be confident with the human they are. Another project I was on last year was a project that was trying to create a drive in movie theater in our community. Even though the project didn’t come to be, it wasn’t a failure because we learned so much from it. Before coming to BIG, I didn’t know a world beyond school walls. BIG opened my eyes to what could be and helped get me to think outside the box.”