On Thursday January 10th, Iowa BIG hosted their first ever Alumni Convening event.  The event was created by students, and was created originally as a way to collect stories and data about former BIG students and their post-BIG journeys. Alumni from all six years of BIG were invited and had the opportunity to reconnect, network, share their post-BIG stories, and learn about what’s happening at BIG today.  2017 graduate Addison Armstrong reflected upon his expectations and the convening as a whole.

“I was expecting kind of like a high school reunion.  A chance to mingle with all of my past friends and meet some new ones I’ve never met before.  I really thought it was going to be more of an informal, open house type event.  It wasn’t quite what I expected, and I loved it.  I really enjoyed the Alumni convening actually.  It went very smooth.  I got to meet new people, and hear about new things happening at BIG.  It’s really neat to hear about what’s been going on there.  It’s crazy to think about all that’s changed since I graduated two years ago.  It’s neat to see that they still care about what we’re doing now.  BIG truly cares about who’s gone through it, who’s still in it, and who’s going to go through that.”

BIG hopes to host an Alumni Convening annually, and hopes to create a network that alumni can look to for networking and more.