Meet AJ Papakee.  AJ is a second year senior student at Iowa BIG, and comes to us from Washington High School.  AJ has been a part of the Iowa BIG Page Turners group for both of her years, and we asked her to reflect upon that experience and what made it special.

“This is my second year on the Page Turners project, and we’ve been able to give back to foster kids that don’t books or much in the first place. I feel like growing up I didn’t have much. So being able to give to those who don’t have much, I feel like I can be a role model for them to look up to, and I feel like I’m able to give back. Last winter, we hand delivered 4000 books to foster kids. Seeing their faces when they came in and saw the tables of books – their face instantly lit up. Before coming to BIG, I was very shy and introverted. BIG has helped me come out of my shell and care about things beyond myself.”