Meet Jabrianna Coleman.  Jabrianna is a 2nd year Linn-Mar BIG student.  Last year, Jabrianna’s project load included nature and sustainability related projects.  This year, Jabrianna is the team lead of two of her own outbound projects.  Her project Uncomfortably Address is a project about speaking aout about sexual abuse and assault with teens, in hopes they “get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.”  Her other outbound is “The Ownlies” is a project pairing students with mentors so they are no longer an “Only” (Jabrianna defines an Only as an individual who is the only person in a situation of their race, gender, interest, political ideas, etc.)

“At BIG, you have that one event or that one milestone that makes you feel empowered. It makes you feel important. At BIG, I know that what I’m doing is important. You don’t realize how important any of the work you’re doing is until you hit those milestones. I struggled with the transition to BIG my first year, but I had to keep myself accountable. But, I had to tell myself that I can achieve my goals. Iowa BIG empowered me to keep dreaming, whereas in high school I couldn’t imagine even setting the goals I have now. Here, the sky is the limit.”