Meet Michael Bryant.  Michael is a 2nd year BIG student, and is a senior at Kennedy High School.  He’s seen cooking in the kitchen at BIG on Boyson.  Michael is a member of the BIG Bite project, Wound for Sound, and ENGAGE.

“I thought BIG would be a positive change in the way I learn. I feel like the things I’ve learned are more and more applicable. At school, I learned ‘cool’ things like the quadratic formula, but never learned communication skills or how to give a presentation. Everything at BIG is just worth-while. BIG only works when you put in effort, which I have done in spades this year. Last year at BIG, we started this project ‘BIG Bite’ – a cooking class for middle school kids, including kids of lower socioeconomic statuses. I think surrounding them good role models, could really impact their lives. Even the chance of that gets me excited.”