Meet Kellen Ochs.  Kellen is a 3rd year BIG student, and comes from Washington High School.  He’s seen working on his rocketry project, but talks about his time last year on the project SAFEli.  Although he didn’t continue of SAFEli this year, the project is still being worked on.

“When I first came to BIG, I wasn’t an excellent student. BIG has changed my mindset from ‘I already know everything’ to I don’t know it all, and I’m going to learn as I go. BIG has opened so many doors and opportunities for me. Doors that I could have never imagined. My deepest connection to a project was SAFEli, because the partner was so deeply invested in that project and he wanted a lot from us and I really wanted to give him everything that he wanted. Even when it was just us talking, he was just a nice guy. I wanted to help him with this, and I know that my team and I could. It’s just crazy that that happened in a school.”