Meet Audrey Vint.  This is Audrey’s senior year at Linn-Mar, and second year at BIG.  Audrey has been working on psychology and behavioral based projects like BEES (Breathing, Excersises, Emotions, and Senses) and The Green Bandana Project – a part of a national movement to place voices and ears into communities to listen to those struggling with depression, mental illness, and suicidal thoughts.

“I’m not originally from Iowa, and I took a chance on BIG to put myself out there. I didn’t know a lot of people at the time, so I had to put myself out there, and through BIG I’ve grown as a person. I was on a project last year called BEES (Breathing, Exercises, Emotions, and Senses) where we taught 4th graders about our mindfulness curriculum. This year, we went to to the Iowa counselors association conference and we presented our curriculum. We were nervous, but they loved it. They didn’t expect it from students. A counselor told us afterwards that we should be really proud of ourselves for creating this to help so many people.”