Meet Jacqueline Costache.  This is Jackie’s first year at BIG, but this is not her first time in a learner centered model of learning.  Jackie grew up on the Montessari school model, and the idea of having learner centered education in high school was intriguing.  Jackie was able to lead a project this year featuring a Christmas celebration in Marion Square Park.

“BIG has given students the connections in the community that they need to get started on projects and dreams that have only lived in their heads. It gives them a platform, connections and resources to reach the things they’ve dreamed of doing. I’m passionate about learner centered education, and I joined the Ed Revision project. I want to other students to experience the kind of learning that I’ve experienced. BIG has prepared me for not only college, but the workforce. Being able to work with the community, we brainstorm with them, communicate with them, collaborate with them… it’s all real world learning.”