We’re starting a new series during the month of January called I am Iowa BIG month.  I am Iowa BIG month is designed to show a new side of Iowa BIG, focusing on student stories and showing everyone a much more authentic side of Iowa BIG that the public often doesn’t see.  We’re sharing student stories every single day during the month of January on our blog and on all of our social media platforms.  If you are an interested student, please feel free to fill out the interest form, we’d love to change the way you learn and see education in high school.

Meet Kevin Drahos.  Kevin is a senior from Linn-Mar High School, and is a first year BIG student.  Kevin is passionate about political science and making social impact to our area and beyond.  Prior to joining BIG, Kevin has been involved in March for our Lives, an organization that aims “to activate, engage, and mobilize the youth of our state and nation” against gun violence.  Kevin is the founder of the Iowa chapter of March for our Lives.

“I do a lot of work with March for Our Lives. I wanted to extend and incorporate the work I am already doing into my school day to make a bigger impact, and joining BIG just made sense. I’m very passionate about public service, political science, and politics. I love helping others and doing it through policy and government. I started a project called Engage, and our mission is to get youth engagement in politics, their community, and civility. My proudest moment at BIG was when my team was able to go to Prairie High School and meet with administration. We talked to them about being able to teach other students about politics, and they were on board and let us come into the classrooms. Seeing my team react to that made me proud of the work we’re doing.”